trip to lake constance and my little baby kitten

Hi guys, I'm sorry I stopped blogging for a whole month, even though I know just a few minds are actually reading my posts. But thank you at this point. I'm trying to blogg more regularly now!
So, while I wasn't blogging my family got a kitten! Her name is "Pikatze" which translates to picat but I call her "Pika" (pokemon fans will get that it has something to do with Pikatchu). She is so cute but it doesn't really work out with our adult cat yet.
Last week I went to lake constance for a few days. It was my boyfriends and my first trip with just the two of us. And there are many following. We couldn't go swimming because I've got a wounded knee (do not ride a scooter with shorts on!), but it was wonderful!
And now, some pictures for you to look at:

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