Hi guys,

I love to read or watch hauls and to get some inspiration by doing this. So I thought I'd show you some of the things I've purchased recently. Enjoy!

This knitted turtleneck is the only tutleneck I own. I love the natural creme white and the knitting. It comes from wide to a little tighter on the waist, which is great for wearing it on top of dresses! Unfortunately it already has a kind of hole on the sleeve, which I'll have to fix. Love it though!

I've bought this shirt even though it is three sizes to big for me. But I love how it fits and the oversized look!

This cute cardigan is just a basic. I bought it because I love the colour, it's kind of a brown-red. Thought it would go well with my hair.

My favourite thing is this beautiful jacket! It's very worm and feels great. Love this new it-piece in my closet.

I also bought one of those oldschool hairbands. It has a more thick texture, but I don't really like it in my hair, to be honest.

this set of rings is like the perfect thing. It has three normal sized rings and two which go on your knuckles. My favourite is the fox!

This black dress is just a basic and comfy dress. I already have at least on of those, but this one is a little bit different. It's a skater dress, so it is tight around the waist and then goes loose. The sleeves are like trumpet sleeves and it's got a free back. I love this dress!

So these were some of the items I've purchased recently. Please excuse those grey stripes on some of the pictures, my phone does weird things sometimes. I hope you liked it and let me know which one of the things is your favourite and what exiting things you purchased recently. x

P.S. who noticed my awesome knitted socks? Thanks grandma


back again

I'm back!
I took myself some time off blogging, mostly because I don't have that many subjects to write about, so I just thought: you know what? This is my blog so I'll just write about what's going on on my mind at the moment.
I've got some ideas for blogposts but I want them to look really good and that the person who is seeing them is like "Nice blog, maybe I'll check it out sometime again!". But to finish this plan I need good photos to go with the text and to be honest my phone camera isn't the best. So I was wondering about getting a Canon or any other good camera (I'll need one in my finals next year anyways) but they are friggin expensive! Maybe I'll ask my uncle, who is a photographer, if he has any old cameras he doesn't use anymore to give to me for a smaller price.
My laptop is going down any time soon too, he doesn't charge without me pushing the charger into the thing for it. I hope it'll get fixed!
School is awful at the moment. I don't have any motivation to do something for it! Hope this phase of mine goes away as soon as possible.
I'm not feeling too well to be honest. Not physicaly but mentaly and thats whats stressing me even more. I've got a lot of insecurities with my body, because it changed a lot since january.
But back to the good things! I'll try to blog as often as I can because I really enjoy it and it kind of gives me the feeling of having something special just for myself (and the people who are reading).
So if you are reading this, thanks a lot! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe you even understood my struggles



stressed out

Lately I've been very stressed out by school. I'm now in the phase where I have to be good in every class there is and right now (one week left until easter break) every teacher decides to write a last minute exame or that you should hold a presentation, those also decide what grade you'll get, so no pressure.
It stresses me so much that I can't even handle it. I've got no motivation to do the school stuff I have to do and I can't focus when I try to get things done.
This coming week I've got three exams and two presentations and I have to be good at all of them!
Please, can someone help me to get through this and teach me how to be good at school!

I just had to write this down during a little kind of breakdown, I've got a lot going on in my head besides school, so I feel like it's filled up to the very end.

What comes first, sorting your private problems out or focusing on school?


tips on how to live life

I've recently tried to get better at living life and by that I mean eating healthier, being happier, enjoying every moment and getting fit.
To motivate myself and maybe some other, I've decided to make a list of tips on how to live your life better. Enjoy:
Number one: drink water
You should drink 1 to 3 liters of water per day, depends on how active you are and if you're doing some kind of sportive activities. My tip is to drink a glass of water right after you wake up because it helps you and your circulation to get fit in the morning and it is the solution for pure and clean skin! Besides that, I try to drink one liter of water one hour before I go to bed. It's that one hour that's important because the water needs one hour to fill your resources and leaves your body afterwards (eat a lot of roughages, they keep the water in your body). That way you won't have to go to the bathroom at night and you are able to enjoy a good night sleep.

Number two: eat healthy
I'm not trying to stop you from eating food that you like with this one, but maybe to make you realise and watch what you eat. My tip is to eat fresh, organic and healthy as often as you can. I really like the idea of vegetarian or vegan food, but for me as a person this doesn't work. I'm a meat lover (sorry to all veggies/vegans out there) and I can't help it. But I try to only eat local and organic, which makes a huge difference, and I eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. To be honest, I can't resist candy or some chips from time to time, but I say to myself it's okay as long as it isn't too much. So, eat what you want to eat, but keep an eye on it!

Number three: get fit
I'm always trying to do some workouts, if I've got the motivation. I do go horse riding three times a week and let me tell you, it is training! But even though I exercise with the riding, I've got some problems with my back, so I have to do other workouts to train the parts I don't use while sitting on a horse back. My tip is to get some exercise every now and then, because it shapes you body, leaves you feeling way better, allows you to eat some more pieces of your favourite chocolate and is very important for your body to work.

Number four: leave the internet
This tip is really important, because I feel like our generation does this not enough: putting the phone/laptop/tablet away. My tip is to turn all your electronic devices off, one hour before you go to bed. In that way, your body is able to fully relax and you can slip into a deep night sleep right when you're going to bed. But you should try to put your phone away in general, like when you spend time with someone or when you're trying to study. You'll get things done way faster and more efficient and you can enjoy the things you're doing without any interruption.

Number five: enjoy the moments and be positive
To fully live your life, you should enjoy every moment as long as it lasts. If you are staying positive nothing bad can happen. Because if something is upsetting you, you've got two options: change it or get over it! If something upsets you and you can change it, go do it! And if you can't change it it's not worth getting upset about, just leave it behind and move on.

I try to follow these tips as good as I can, but I'm still struggling. So if I need some motivation to do something or just in general, I'll read this post and remember myself on how to live life as its best!



I've recently noticed that I'm kind of in love with notebooks. I love to buy them, but never use them because they are too pretty to have my messy handwriting in it.
My favourite shops to get them from are definetely bookshops or Urban Outfitters, they've got great ones!
So here are some I couldn't ignore in the store and I actually use two of them!
Hope you enjoy!
 This one is my diary from odernichtoderdoch which I absolutely love! It's got an awesome calender of 2016 where you can list your appointments, holidays or birthdays. It also has incredibly cute lists like "what I have to buy as christmas presents" or "places I want to visit this year".
I got this for christmas last year and really try to use it as best as I can!

 This is a little notebook I've bought from a local bookshop and I absolutely love the design! Even though it now looks kind of used, it still looks very nice!
I use it kind of like a happy moments book, so every night before I go to bed I think of one thing or one moment that made me happy that day and write it down. I've heard that it helps to be more postitiv and to enjoy the little things, which I kind of struggle with from time to time.

 I bought this one back in 2014 when I lived in Canada for three months. On my flight a girls sat next to me and she was writing in an extremely beautiful diary with a leather cover, so when I saw this one in Urban Outfitters I had to get it, plus it was in the sale section!
I love that it comes with a pencil stuck to it, so you don't have to always have one with you.
I think this one is my all time favourite and I don't know if I can ever get over myself and use it.

When I was in Urban Outfitters in Germany once I spotted this beauty and fell in love! I love that it is like woven on the outside and the blue string to tie it up. Love it! And as I said, UO just have the best journals and notebooks you will ever find.



I kind of didn't get the chance to post anything in the last few weeks. It has been over a month since my last blogpost has gone up and I'm very sorry!
I would love to make my blog prettier like Anna Laura Kummer 's, she's an Austrian blogger and youtuber and I love her!
But, let's begin:
At the begin of january we had a week break from school, which I absolutely needed! I went skiing with my boyfriends family and their friends. We went to Zillertal in Austria, which is near Innsbruck.
So here are a few pictures I took, enjoy.

And I mean, look at this view! I took this out of our tiny window

I absolutely loved the relaxing week, although skiing from 8am until 5pm everyday was pretty tough. I'm not really a skiing person, I'd rather go snowboarding which I actually do, but not good enough to do well in such a big ski resort.
I'm very happy to get along so well with my boyfriend, I mean, we spent in this week almost every minute together, except for the ones on the ski run because he's very good at snowboarding and was doing the powder runs, the ones I didn't.
But anyways, I think it was a good practice of living together before we're actually doing it.


new year, new me?

Hi guys and happy new year!
I hope you all had a great new years eve, 'Silvester' as we call it in Germany.
On new years, everyone is talking about how they are going to change themselves next year, how they will eat healthier, how they will go to the gym more often and how they are going to be a whole new person, a better person.
I don't think about the new year like that, even though I do write down some new years resolutions.
I have my tradition to write my resolutions on small pieces of paper, fold them and then put them in a big jar. On the 31st of december the next year, I read every single one of them and decide if they have to stay in the jar for another year, or if I've achieved them already and don't need them anymore. Then I might have some new resolutions to put in it.
Thats my (hopefully) never ending circle of new years resolutions.
But the thing is, I don't write something like "until the end of this year I have to have seven olympic gold medals!" well, that was a little over the top, but I mean something like it. I write down things that I would like to do, but if I don't, thats okay, because I got plenty of time left. I also don't want to change myself, I want to be more myself. I want to do the things I love, I want to enjoy almost every second of the next year. I say almost, because I don't enjoy the bad or sad times, but they have to be there, otherwise the good times wouldn't be as enjoyable.
So, enough of my resolutions. I hope you were all having a great year 2015.
Let's make 2016 even better!