I kind of didn't get the chance to post anything in the last few weeks. It has been over a month since my last blogpost has gone up and I'm very sorry!
I would love to make my blog prettier like Anna Laura Kummer 's, she's an Austrian blogger and youtuber and I love her!
But, let's begin:
At the begin of january we had a week break from school, which I absolutely needed! I went skiing with my boyfriends family and their friends. We went to Zillertal in Austria, which is near Innsbruck.
So here are a few pictures I took, enjoy.

And I mean, look at this view! I took this out of our tiny window

I absolutely loved the relaxing week, although skiing from 8am until 5pm everyday was pretty tough. I'm not really a skiing person, I'd rather go snowboarding which I actually do, but not good enough to do well in such a big ski resort.
I'm very happy to get along so well with my boyfriend, I mean, we spent in this week almost every minute together, except for the ones on the ski run because he's very good at snowboarding and was doing the powder runs, the ones I didn't.
But anyways, I think it was a good practice of living together before we're actually doing it.

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