I've recently noticed that I'm kind of in love with notebooks. I love to buy them, but never use them because they are too pretty to have my messy handwriting in it.
My favourite shops to get them from are definetely bookshops or Urban Outfitters, they've got great ones!
So here are some I couldn't ignore in the store and I actually use two of them!
Hope you enjoy!
 This one is my diary from odernichtoderdoch which I absolutely love! It's got an awesome calender of 2016 where you can list your appointments, holidays or birthdays. It also has incredibly cute lists like "what I have to buy as christmas presents" or "places I want to visit this year".
I got this for christmas last year and really try to use it as best as I can!

 This is a little notebook I've bought from a local bookshop and I absolutely love the design! Even though it now looks kind of used, it still looks very nice!
I use it kind of like a happy moments book, so every night before I go to bed I think of one thing or one moment that made me happy that day and write it down. I've heard that it helps to be more postitiv and to enjoy the little things, which I kind of struggle with from time to time.

 I bought this one back in 2014 when I lived in Canada for three months. On my flight a girls sat next to me and she was writing in an extremely beautiful diary with a leather cover, so when I saw this one in Urban Outfitters I had to get it, plus it was in the sale section!
I love that it comes with a pencil stuck to it, so you don't have to always have one with you.
I think this one is my all time favourite and I don't know if I can ever get over myself and use it.

When I was in Urban Outfitters in Germany once I spotted this beauty and fell in love! I love that it is like woven on the outside and the blue string to tie it up. Love it! And as I said, UO just have the best journals and notebooks you will ever find.

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