tips on how to live life

I've recently tried to get better at living life and by that I mean eating healthier, being happier, enjoying every moment and getting fit.
To motivate myself and maybe some other, I've decided to make a list of tips on how to live your life better. Enjoy:
Number one: drink water
You should drink 1 to 3 liters of water per day, depends on how active you are and if you're doing some kind of sportive activities. My tip is to drink a glass of water right after you wake up because it helps you and your circulation to get fit in the morning and it is the solution for pure and clean skin! Besides that, I try to drink one liter of water one hour before I go to bed. It's that one hour that's important because the water needs one hour to fill your resources and leaves your body afterwards (eat a lot of roughages, they keep the water in your body). That way you won't have to go to the bathroom at night and you are able to enjoy a good night sleep.

Number two: eat healthy
I'm not trying to stop you from eating food that you like with this one, but maybe to make you realise and watch what you eat. My tip is to eat fresh, organic and healthy as often as you can. I really like the idea of vegetarian or vegan food, but for me as a person this doesn't work. I'm a meat lover (sorry to all veggies/vegans out there) and I can't help it. But I try to only eat local and organic, which makes a huge difference, and I eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. To be honest, I can't resist candy or some chips from time to time, but I say to myself it's okay as long as it isn't too much. So, eat what you want to eat, but keep an eye on it!

Number three: get fit
I'm always trying to do some workouts, if I've got the motivation. I do go horse riding three times a week and let me tell you, it is training! But even though I exercise with the riding, I've got some problems with my back, so I have to do other workouts to train the parts I don't use while sitting on a horse back. My tip is to get some exercise every now and then, because it shapes you body, leaves you feeling way better, allows you to eat some more pieces of your favourite chocolate and is very important for your body to work.

Number four: leave the internet
This tip is really important, because I feel like our generation does this not enough: putting the phone/laptop/tablet away. My tip is to turn all your electronic devices off, one hour before you go to bed. In that way, your body is able to fully relax and you can slip into a deep night sleep right when you're going to bed. But you should try to put your phone away in general, like when you spend time with someone or when you're trying to study. You'll get things done way faster and more efficient and you can enjoy the things you're doing without any interruption.

Number five: enjoy the moments and be positive
To fully live your life, you should enjoy every moment as long as it lasts. If you are staying positive nothing bad can happen. Because if something is upsetting you, you've got two options: change it or get over it! If something upsets you and you can change it, go do it! And if you can't change it it's not worth getting upset about, just leave it behind and move on.

I try to follow these tips as good as I can, but I'm still struggling. So if I need some motivation to do something or just in general, I'll read this post and remember myself on how to live life as its best!

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