Hi guys,

I love to read or watch hauls and to get some inspiration by doing this. So I thought I'd show you some of the things I've purchased recently. Enjoy!

This knitted turtleneck is the only tutleneck I own. I love the natural creme white and the knitting. It comes from wide to a little tighter on the waist, which is great for wearing it on top of dresses! Unfortunately it already has a kind of hole on the sleeve, which I'll have to fix. Love it though!

I've bought this shirt even though it is three sizes to big for me. But I love how it fits and the oversized look!

This cute cardigan is just a basic. I bought it because I love the colour, it's kind of a brown-red. Thought it would go well with my hair.

My favourite thing is this beautiful jacket! It's very worm and feels great. Love this new it-piece in my closet.

I also bought one of those oldschool hairbands. It has a more thick texture, but I don't really like it in my hair, to be honest.

this set of rings is like the perfect thing. It has three normal sized rings and two which go on your knuckles. My favourite is the fox!

This black dress is just a basic and comfy dress. I already have at least on of those, but this one is a little bit different. It's a skater dress, so it is tight around the waist and then goes loose. The sleeves are like trumpet sleeves and it's got a free back. I love this dress!

So these were some of the items I've purchased recently. Please excuse those grey stripes on some of the pictures, my phone does weird things sometimes. I hope you liked it and let me know which one of the things is your favourite and what exiting things you purchased recently. x

P.S. who noticed my awesome knitted socks? Thanks grandma

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