back again

I'm back!
I took myself some time off blogging, mostly because I don't have that many subjects to write about, so I just thought: you know what? This is my blog so I'll just write about what's going on on my mind at the moment.
I've got some ideas for blogposts but I want them to look really good and that the person who is seeing them is like "Nice blog, maybe I'll check it out sometime again!". But to finish this plan I need good photos to go with the text and to be honest my phone camera isn't the best. So I was wondering about getting a Canon or any other good camera (I'll need one in my finals next year anyways) but they are friggin expensive! Maybe I'll ask my uncle, who is a photographer, if he has any old cameras he doesn't use anymore to give to me for a smaller price.
My laptop is going down any time soon too, he doesn't charge without me pushing the charger into the thing for it. I hope it'll get fixed!
School is awful at the moment. I don't have any motivation to do something for it! Hope this phase of mine goes away as soon as possible.
I'm not feeling too well to be honest. Not physicaly but mentaly and thats whats stressing me even more. I've got a lot of insecurities with my body, because it changed a lot since january.
But back to the good things! I'll try to blog as often as I can because I really enjoy it and it kind of gives me the feeling of having something special just for myself (and the people who are reading).
So if you are reading this, thanks a lot! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe you even understood my struggles


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