the start

Well, hello there.
I was just reading Girl online by Zoe Sugg (love this book!) and remembered that I've been thinking about starting a blog for a few months now. I can't loose anything, so here I am!
I'm Madita, a normal girl from the south of Germany. Maybe you will ask yourself "So why is she writing in english then?" I really really do love the english language so I was thinking why not give it a try. I hope you will excuse my mistakes but I am trying my best!
All i can say about me is that I've got an enourmes love for animals, like almost every kind (except maybe spiders and stuff). I like horse riding and have been doing it for 6 years now. I've also got these wonderful people around me who I can't live without, like my family (3 siblings), my boyfriend and my very few friends.
So I'm thinking about writing here whatever pops up in my mind and maybe post some pictures (even though I'm not the best at taking photos). I'm not the kind of beauty and fashion blogger person, I almost never put make up on and well, I wear the clothes that I like, not whats in the magazines right now.
I would love to get some feedback from you guys, even corrections for my writing :)
Madita x

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