Hi guys, I wanted to show you some shots from my latest vacation to the east sea (sorry, I didn't know how to translate it correctly). The weather was not that great, like 12ÂșC or something and very windy, but it was absolutely beautiful! One time we sat into one of those little hut-things (we found an open one, they should be all closed by this time of year) and watched the sea for hours. The sound of the crashing waves was just so calming and the hut was perfekt to sit in, it protects you against the wind. As I was sitting there, watching the sea and reading my book (An abundance of Katherines by John Green), I just felt like those are the things to live for, to remember forever and the things that let everything bad disapear!
I just wanted to share this feeling with you and to remember it myself.

Madita x

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