daily routine

Hey guys, this is not my daily makeup routine as you might thought because of the title, its my normal day.
So first I normally wake up (what a surprise), then I sit on the garden stairs and eat my breakfast-apple. I'm still going to school, so this is what I am doing everyday from 7:50 to at least 1am. My school is just around the corner, so its a ten minutes walk or a litle bike ride. After school I come home and, first of all, eat lunch. I'm not doing this everyday but I should be: homework and studying. This is like the worst part of the day, especialy when I don't get anything done (because of no motivation) and remember at night what I should have done. I'm an equestrian, so after homework I ride my bike to get to the stable, where I'm doing lots of rides on the fields with my horse (he's not my own horse, but I am allowed to ride him as much as I want. I don't know if theres a word for this). When I get back home again I sometimes do stuff with my boyfriend or my other friends. If I don't have anything planned, I turn my laptop on and write my blog, or watch some Youtube videos, or go on Netflix. And thats it, that is my normal week-day.
Thanks for reading, x
an apple a day keeps the doctor away
that day I had two delicous sandwiches for lunch, one with salami and cheese, and the other one with chocolate cream
biology, jey

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