summer plans

Hey guys, right now I'm trying to plan my summer, but all I do is going to lake Constance twice. Once with my boyfriend and once with my girls, both in september. All the other weeks of the holidays will just be me sitting at home or being in the stable. When I think about it I really wish I would have a own horse, or a dog! I would love to go on long walks or hikes (with the dog) or train hard and afterwards go on a nice ride in the woods (with the horse). I think what I need first is a job, because right now I'm getting my drivers license (which is incredible expensive, about 2k€), so all my saved money is going to be gone soon. I'm thinking about doing this blind-booking thing, which also cost money, which gets me back to the money earning part. But where do I go to get a job? Where can a 17 year old girl get a nice job? I don't want to work in a café, because I'm not that good at carrying food. But all the other jobs are for 18 year olds and older. If anyone knows something about this or has a few hints, please let me know!

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